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Hey you, 

I'm Kara, a proud mama of three gorgeous girls, a devoted wife, a fitness fanatic, and the brains behind Outward In Virtual Assistance.

When I'm not lifting weights, crushing CrossFit workouts, or indulging in my love for good coffee and chocolate, I'm helping small business owners, solopreneurs & entrepreneurs like you take their biz to the next level!

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A little bit
about  me

Before starting Outward In Virtual Assistance, I spent over 17 years in various admin, personal assistant, and comms roles in the corporate world. After long hours, night calls and dealing with the frustrations of systems, processes and people I never felt quite fulfilled in the work I was doing. This lead me on a journey of self discovery and growth. It is through this journey I discovered my love for helping people in their biz and the real knowing that my skills and knowledge actually relieved stress from people's lives. It allowed them to be more present with their families. It allowed them to take holidays and know their business was supported. It allowed them to focus on their zones of genius. 

Not only was I able to achieve this for my clients but I also built strong connections and this is where my passion and purpose laid!

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I have spent many years working with a Health Coach and most recently with a Life Coach. Health and Fitness has always been a passion of mine. After a un-healthy relationship with food in my teens and young adult life I have spent many years dedicating my time to educating myself around food and training. Since being a mum, living a healthy lifestyle (physically and mentally) is more important now than ever as I role model this to my girls. 


This is why working with Health, Fitness and Wellness business lights me up! I can promise you I'll be your biggest advocate and support gal! So hit me up if you need any support! 

Now that you know a little about me and my story, I'd love to hear about yours! Let's hop on a discovery call and chat about how I can help you create more space in your biz or if your not ready to chat, that is A OK, fill out the enquiry form and I'll get back you. 

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Biz Values


Empowering clients to achieve their full potential by focusing on their zones of genius while I handle the admin and creative tasks.


Creating a supportive and trustworthy environment where open communication and transparency thrive.


Valuing innovation and creative problem-solving by seeking ways to enhance my clients businesses and offerring ideas.



Prioritising work-life balance, both for myself and for my clients by helping them create a sustainable and fulfilling approach to their work.



Creating meaningful connections with our clients, understanding their unique vision and goals, and working together to achieve success.

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