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Hey Babe

 I'm Kara and I am a Virtual Assistant supporting and empowering boss babes like you in Health, Fitness & Wellness, kick the overwhelm to the curb and re-claim time freedom through admin, organisation, automation , & design!  

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Do what you do Best and Leave the Heavy Lifting to me! 

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Hey, I'm Kara

And it is my passion to help boss babes like you get back  that time freedom you have craved! Think of me as your right hand babe to support you in your biz, listening to your wants and needs, coming up with solutions to your problems and sharing the highs and lows along the way! 

Being a fitness fanatic myself and my love for helping and inspiring others led me to creating Outward In and honestly it has been the best decision of my life. 

It's time for you to reclaim your time and girlfriend I'm here to hype, empower and take action in your biz! 


Check out how I can help you below! 

Biz Admin

Systems & Processes

Design + Creation

If you're feeling swamped with all those boring admin tasks, I've got you covered. As someone with loads of experience with personal assistance, administration,  automation, and organisation and a proven track record in conquering inbox chaos, mastering calendar time-blocking. I bring order to the mayhem and help  you maximise your time, because time = money! 

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Let me steer your business toward optimal efficiency. Drawing from extensive experience, I'll fine-tune your systems, onboarding, and offboarding processes. Email sequences and  work flows, imagine a world where your valuable time is reclaimed for your passions – that's the efficiency I bring to your doorstep.

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Want to make sure your business looks sexy across all your customer interactions? I can create amazing visuals that will make your social media, email marketing, and business materials pop. Whatever your needs, I've got you covered. Think websites, Canva graphics, newsletters, blog post + more

Grab your freebie!

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Are you staring at your computer wondering what to post next on your social media? Are you scrolling through all your saved Instagram post trying to get inspo without copying! Arghh now your confused! What should I post??? 


 Babe, I got you! I have created a guide that will take out out the guess work of coming up with content each week! With 100 ideas that gives your audience education, building like, know and trust & ofcourse sell your products and services! I know you are going to love this!

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Word on the Street

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"Kara has been a crucial part of my business from the get go, helping me set up an easy-to-follow system for my financials and create an engaging brand design and templates for my socials."

Rachel Te Amo, Live Love Hair

Customer Review
"I was struggling with where and how to start. You literally took the stress away and got my business up and running online. Not only did you do this in record time you also made it look amazing. I love what you did and you were a delight to deal with, so patient with this non tech savy chick."

Ecko Siwek, ES Life Coaching 

Want To Know More?

Want to know what working with me looks like? Of course, you do! Download my info pack and get all the juicy details, including pricing.

Yay, your download is on its way! But hey, don't forget to give your junk mail a quick glance, just in case it's chilling there.

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Woo! I'll be in touch soon!

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